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Acne Be Gone

Maintaining your skin’s natural barrier is one of the best things you can do to keep your skin healthy and glowing!  This will result in less aggravated acne.   The great thing is you can use skincare you currently have to complement our facemasks to achieve glowing, clear skin! The skin barrier function refers to the outer most layer of the skin, also known as the epidermis or stratum corneum. It protects the body from the external environment and is designed to retain water and keep bacteria, microbes, and other external invaders out. The strength and integrity of this barrier not only keeps our skin looking healthy and moisturized, it also plays a role in its clarity. We recommend the following...

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Emily OKeeffe tries out our Levicute facemasks with her whole family - thanks Em!

We have been following Emily for some time - she is an Ambassador for Endometriosis Australia, a radio personality for Hot Tomato 102.9 and blogger - she's a lovely lady who lives on the Gold Coast with handsome hubby Gerard Murtagh and gorgeous children Millie and Teddy.   She at one time lived in Toowoomba too! Emily tried out our masks and please watch the video but lots of fun was had applying the mask to her handsome hubby by Millie's Beauty Salon, plus her beautiful mum - a family who masks together stays together!!   Our masks are vegan, uni-sex and free of fragrances and nasties, so an ideal addition to families wishing to address skin issues such as healing sun damage...

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Mary's dry skin! Lets talk dry skin, why & how to keep skin hydrated

When the Elliott family has visitors, its always very exciting to revisit the past, as we've lived all over the world and always have children, friends or friends of family visiting, its extremely exciting living in regional Toowoomba having lots of people come up the hill to say hi, from all parts of the world - Sweden, England, New Zealand.  This is not to trivialise our friends from Victoria coming to visit, we still love you!! Mary and Stevie from Cookham, near London in England came to visit and they masked up! Mary has very dry skin, she says at home it often is red and inflamed, whereas Stevie has a beard and combination skin, which he says can be...

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Dr Tony talks on Activated Charcoal in the Levicute Detox Facemask

Hi I’m Dr Tony and I’m a cosmetic chemist and a co-owner of Levicute. Everyone wants fresh glowing skin don't they? I’m here to talk to you about Activated Charcoal one of the ingredients in our Detox Facemask.   Everyone wants fresh glowing skin, who wouldn’t?  Pollution, excess dirt and oil cause skin irritation, discolouring and even premature aging over a prolonged period. Every day the skin is exposed to a range of environmental factors such as pollution, excess dirt, oil and that type of thing – this actually gets into the pores of the skin.  What that actually does is cause skin irritation, discolouration and even over a pronlonged time  premature aging.  Impurities cause a bigger pore size Its these...

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Dr Julie - is there a facemask recommended for dry skin?

Hi I’m Dr Julie from the Bradford Clinic and co-founder of Levicute skincare and I’m here to answer some aesthetic questions for you. Is there a mask recommend for dry skin? Is there a mask recommended for dry skin? We recommend the Levicute Seaweed Mask. How to get rid of dull skin?                                              The seaweed mask will hydrate and brighten the skin and will stimulate collagen and it creates a bit of exfoliation.  It sloughs off those dead skin cells sitting on the surface of the skin that creates a bit of dullness in the complexion.  The magic ingredient in our seaweed mask is an extract from Bladderwrack – Fucoidan and this is a seaweed that grows in pristine Tasmanian waters...

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