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Teenage skin needs protection and prevention as the main strategy.  If your skin is particularly oily with breakouts, we suggest you use the Detox Kit first as an intensive treatment, then top-up with a 50g jar to maintain your complexion.

Keeping your skin free of toxins and well hydrated can ultimately assist with

  • acne being less aggravated
  • strengthen the skin's natural defence mechanisms to clear acne
  • improve the skin's health for a clear, radiant glow. 
Our teenage Collection includes
  • 15g or 50g jar of Charcoal Mask; 
  • Detox Combo which has a 50g Charcoal Mask plus a 15g Seaweed Mask to keep your skin hydrated, as well as all the accessories you will need

Why have we included a Seaweed Facemask in the Detox Combo?

Skin dehydration may be a key factor in giving rise to oily skin.  When skin becomes dehydrated it
  • sends signal to the glands to defend the skin and produce more oil
  • doesn't regulate oil production which leads to an oilier skin
By removing toxins and keeping it hydrated you're regulating oil production which then leads to a less oily skin and ultimately can assist with the acne being less aggravated and less breakouts!