Dr Julie and Dr Tony met over seven years ago when it was discovered that Tony loved making formulations and facecreams.  A plan was hatched to launch our own company - Dr Julie's medical qualifications in anti-aging integrative medicine, coupled with Tony's Chemistry PHD - they're quite a team.  

People are really interested in ingredient source stories and knowing that we wade through the thousands of ingredients out there to select only the most potent and natural bioactives for our facemasks.   Tony is a Cosmetic Chemist so its easy for him to easily understand what each ingredient means.  

We've launched two products and their focus is already on the next products - these will be manufactured on the Gold Coast so Tony will be travelling there  - he would love to show you the process of how we source and manufacture our products.

We are super keen to keep everything local - our products are designed and manufactured in Australia - using local suppliers for our packaging and ingredients - something we are both quite passionate about.

Our aim was to make a mask that helped combat our harsh Australian climate, that didn’t dry hard, glides on easily and is not difficult to remove = a little goes a long way without having to ply it on thickly – our masks are packed with antioxidants and bioactives that deliver significant results for just a few minutes a week applying them before a shower or bath. 


Dr Julie Bradford (second from the right) MBBS | FABAAARM | FAAAM | FFMACCS | FACNEM | FCPCA | FMMI
Dr Julie has a Medical Degree from the University of Queensland and hails from Toowoomba.  She is a leader in the field of Anti-Aging and Cosmetic Medicine with 6 fellowships she is a National & International trainer in Cosmetic Injectables.  Dr Julie was a guest speaker at the 2018 Vogue Beauty & Anti-Aging Event on the Gold Coast.   She has been treating her clients for hormonal concerns and aesthetic procedures for over 30 years and is dedicated and passionate about empowering her clients, both men and women to look and feel their best.

She is proud to report her new anti-aging vegan friendly masks are now officially on the market!   In our busy lives its very important to maximise your me-time by using  affordable, luxurious and hardworking masks that maintain healthy skin to bring out your glow!


Dr Tony Elliott B.Sc  | B.Sc (Hons)  |  PhD  | ASCC

Dr Tony Elliott lives in Toowoomba but hails originally from Newcastle - he has a PHD in Chemistry and is passionate about making skincare for all ages and stages of life - he develops skincare that aligns with Dr Julie's indepth knowledge of the skin and its needs. Tony is a member of The Australian Society of Cosmetic Chemists (ASCC). 

He would love to share with you the process of how our products are made when he visits the Gold Coast and Tasmania later this year.  He’s super keen to keep everything local – our products are designed and manufactured in Australia – using local suppliers for our packaging and ingredients – something he’s very passionate about.

Tony is planning a trip to Tasmania next to year to check out where our superstar ingredient, Fucoidan extract is sourced - keep an eye out for our blogs its an amazing ingredient.

He also has a teenage daughter who suffers from acne - "I'm very lucky I can work on products which keep her face as clear as possible - its hard because she doesn't use them every day even when I go on about how important it is, but the the charcoal and seaweed masks have cleared up her skin a great deal.  She just did an eight week detox facemask challenge and the results are amazing!!"

Dr Tony has a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry (Honours) from the University of Newcastle as well as a PhD in Chemistry from Australian National University in Canberra.